Bringing natural options for good health 
to Central Virginia since 2002.


I'm Jackie Howell and I'm here to help you find peace from pain, stress, and discomfort.

A Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2002, I use a blend of massage modalities to create a session for you that is purely unique to your needs and health goals. 

I am also a Certified Advanced Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Counselor and Yoga Instructor, practices which offer additional natural support for your healing, pain relief, and stress reduction.

My Massage Studio is in
downtown Madison, Virginia.  

Yoga Classes are weekly in 
Orange, Virginia.
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Renew Yourself! 
Let a deeply nourishing massage ease out the aches and pain that come from chronic conditions, sports injuries, arthritis, work activities, and just plain day-to-day "overuse". Massage can ease many discomforts and can help "reset" and relax the body's stress response.
Massage is a proven safe and effective way to ease many conditions -- from headaches and neck/back pain, to helping deal with high blood pressure, digestive issues, insomnia, and the wide-ranging and debilitating effects of stress.
Add in the nurturing touch of toasty-warm stones to soothe both the body and the spirit.
My massage oils are all natural and hand-blended by me on a daily (or weekly) basis, based on Ayurvedic instruction, to ensure that they sink deep into the skin and nourish and moisturize from the inside out.
Massage is not a treat ... it's not a luxury.  Caring for one's body is a necessity.  Renew yourself with a therapeutic and balancing massage! 

I'm pleased to talk about ways that massage and yoga can help your own healing or assist in pain or stress relief.  Please use the "Contact Jackie" form to reach me.

Thank you for stopping by ... and I hope our paths cross soon!